About Build Your Own Jukebox

Build Your Own Jukebox is all about recycling older but working computers rather than sending them to the landfill. It is our intention to bring you leading edge ideas for turning these still working PC’s into useful “slaves” to enhance our lives.

We welcome any and all ideas for interesting projects using old computers. Our own passion is for turning them into “Music Slaves” using the TV Jukebox software. The TV Jukebox isn’t meant to be a competitor for the latest and greatest MP3 Players, it doesn’t Rip, show album covers or have many of the fancy-pants(and mostly useless) features that most other products do. It does have very simple useful features, big buttons that make it the best overall “player” for listening to music in the comfort of your home. A few of the key features are:

  • Simple interface. For a party atmosphere this is key! You don’t want people being able to do anything except add songs to the playlist.

  • TV Compatible. There’s nothing simpler than sitting on your couch, selecting your songs off your TV set. You don’t even need a computer monitor. The TV Jukebox comes with a pre-programmed RF Remote(Radio Frequency) which means it doesn’t have to be pointed at the TV or computer(though most people do out of habit) In fact, the computer can be in another room 50-100 feet away and the remote still picks the songs from your TV set.
  • Built in cross-fader. I use this as a DJ system all the time! No, it doesn’t do scratches or have a million functions that nobody uses, but I can program 25 or 50 songs and just let it go though! Fades beautifully from one song to the next to keep people dancing and I do nothing. I can add new songs as I go, but I have done parties where I have done NOTHING except choose 40 songs and just let them play. Nobody knows the difference!
  • TouchScreen ready. Fantastic if you want to build the computer into an old Jukebox, Radio or build a custom housing for your jukebox.

Lots of other neat functions and features, but the simplistic nature of this system is what makes it unique. Build your Mom or girlfriend an awesome Jukebox with thousands of songs that she chooses with a remote control from her TV set. I set one up at my Moms and didn’t even tell her for a couple of weeks there was a computer in the next room that the songs were coming from.